Community service and integration

Distribution of food packages during lockdown 2020

When Mohamed arrived in Italy 8 years ago, everything was different from his life in Egypt and it was not easy for him to adapt. When he arrived in Florence he joined some volunteer associations, especially those of the Muslim community. This was very useful in helping him integrate in the society. He helped people who needed it and at the same time he was helped too, albeit in a different way.

Mohamed at the Middle East Festival 2019

For Mohamed, being active in the community service is something that is good for both the society and for the volunteer. We must not think of ourselves as individuals who live alone, but we must understand that we are a community, large or small, and the needs of one are the needs of all, the joys of one are the joys of all. Mohamed says; “This is something my mother taught me as a child in Egypt and I’m glad I was able to bring and find this thing here too.”